Environmental Consulting

AQC is a full service environmental brokerage and engineering firm proving support to industrial (large and small), commercial, and general clients.  AQC provides compliance support on the full spectrum of environmental issues including consulting and developing emissions market strategies to mitigate risk for our CA clients.

Environmental Credit Brokerage

AQC assists our clients in the buying and selling of emission credits for all of California’s regional emissions markets, and Cap-and-Trade market.  AQCs brokerage services include Emission Reduction Credits (NOx, VOC, PM10, SOx, and CO), greenhouse gas offsets, Cap-and-Trade compliance instruments, and MSERCs.

Environmental Engineering

Air Quality Consultants Inc. provides comprehensive environmental engineering services to public and private sector clients.  AQC’s engineers provide permitting, strategic environmental planning, emissions inventory assessment and reporting, air dispersion modeling, and RECLAIM emissions compliance and management.

Why Choose Us

  • Over 30 years of experience providing environmental consulting and engineering services
  • Ability to assist our customers in developing long term sustainable strategies for managing federal, state and local regulations
  • AQC’s provides consulting services to assist with the management of California’s GHG and emissions markets
  • As a California based company, AQC’s staff participates in several industry stakeholder groups and program to keep our clients abreast of regulatory changes
  • AQC is a woman and minority owned business